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Lauren Dawes

Casey (A Helheim Wolf Pack Novella #5)

Casey (A Helheim Wolf Pack Novella #5)

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Casey’s heart is still a shattered mess in her chest. Six and a half years ago, she was abducted, and the loss of the male she loved has left her raw. But she  refuses to be a victim anymore. Tired of her brothers trying to protect her from living the life she thought she’d lost, she demands to have some freedom. It’s granted on one condition: she has to have a bodyguard twenty-four-seven. 

What she gets is Maddox—a male who seems to hate her at first sight, and who solves all his problems with his fists. Dominating. Moody. Bossy. He seems to know just how to tick her off. But what lurks behind that bravado is something she never expected, and something he never expected to reveal.

Helheim Wolf Pack Novella Reading Order:

Book 1: Hunter
Book 2: Riley
Book 3: Dylan
Book 4: Oliver
Book 5: Casey
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