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Lauren Dawes

Oliver (A Helheim Wolf Pack Novella #4)

Oliver (A Helheim Wolf Pack Novella #4)

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For six and a half long years, Oliver has felt responsible for his sister’s abduction at the hands of a crazed rogue wolf. All he saw was his failure to rescue her in time, and he vowed to never let her get hurt again.

Dedicating his life to her, he protects her whenever they leave the packhouse, but on one fateful night, he sees a woman and his wolf knows he’s found his true mate. But how will Darcey—a human—react when he tells her the truth about what he is, and will Oliver’s guilt ever let him pursue his own happiness?

Oliver is a short story based on the characters in the Helheim Wolf Pack world. These novellas are best read in order.

Helheim Wolf Pack Novella Reading Order:

Book 1: Hunter
Book 2: Riley
Book 3: Dylan
Book 4: Oliver
Book 5: Casey
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