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Cat McKenzie Series

Dark Desire

Dark Desire

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An assassin in training. 

A seductive stranger.

An impossible battle to win.

Taer has lost everything. Haunted by suffocating guilt, she’s barely living as she waits to mete out her revenge on the dark elf who destroyed her life. But when her only ally refuses to help, she’s forced to ask another—an arrogant male who is a riskier choice than she could have ever imagined. 

Quillon is a male used to getting what he wants—money, information, women—but when Taer barges into his life, he discovers that she is the only thing he cannot have. When her desperation forces her to ask for his help, he sees his opportunity to have her—even if he has to lie, cheat and steal his way into her bed. 

Revenge is a dark gritty urban fantasy. This is a violent tale of revenge and regrets Suitable for 18+ readers, it's the second book in the Gods & Monsters trilogy. 

Perfect for fans of J.R. Ward, Gena Showalter, Kelly St. Clare, and Laurell K. Hamilton! 

This story was originally published under the title "Dark Desire". Paperbacks are only $10.00 each as they are old stock. The story remains the same.

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