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Lauren Dawes

Riley (A Helheim Wolf Pack Novella #2)

Riley (A Helheim Wolf Pack Novella #2)

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On Thanksgiving eve, Riley is looking forward to shutting up his garage for the long weekend and getting a few beers with his friends to celebrate the holiday. His plans are derailed, however, when an unfamiliar female werewolf stumbles into his work, desperately needing help. 

Obligation to his alpha forces him to act, but it’s his attraction to the mysterious female that leaves him with a sense of longing he’s not felt before. 

“Riley” is a short story based on the characters in the Helheim Wolf Pack world. These novellas are best read in order.

Helheim Wolf Pack Novella Reading Order:
Book 1: Hunter
Book 2: Riley
Book 3: Dylan
Book 4: Oliver
Book 5: Casey
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